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Date Night on a Budget

Date Night on a Budget

My boyfriend and I are currently trying to live on a rather tight budget - but honestly, who isn't??

Netflix and chill - in the most literal sense - is one of my favorite ways to end a day or spend some time with my boyfriend. Not only does it not require pants (always a positive to any situation), but it's also essentially free!

Even though hanging out and watching TV is pretty much always an option, we also like to have date nights about once a week on a Friday or Saturday night. There's always time to watch TV, but you're only in your twenty's once! Plus, we live in an area that has so much to do and see! We have have lived here for a little over a year now and still have a growing list of places we want to visit. 

Having a date night, however, does not mean it has to break the bank! We usually try to do as much as possible for as little as possible. Some weeks this means we can get away with spending nothing, where others can cost a little more.

Here's a few date nights we've done so far:

Make dinner together - You can put any spin you want on this one! Pretend you're hosting your own cooking show together - use silly accents and all the confidence of a television chef. Try to make something with only ingredients you have already in your kitchen - not only does this make the meal a bit more interesting, but it cuts out having to buy any additional food or materials. 

Go on a "penny date" - This may sound weird at first, but I definitely recommend giving it a try. Start by grabbing a penny and picking a number between 10 and 20 - this will be the number of times you flip the penny. You can pick a higher or lower number, depending on how long you would like for this to last. Move outside and flip the coin. Heads means right and tails means left. Turn in whichever direction the the penny tells you to and start walking! Each time you reach a corner, flip the penny again. Once you've flipped the penny the amount of times you chose in the beginning, stop! Look around and make a date right where you are. This may be tough if you live in a more rural area, so it may be helpful to head downtown or wherever there's a little more to do first. 

Go on a tour - Many wineries and breweries offer tours and tastings for relatively cheap. These are a great way to try new brands and learn about what you like and dislike, while also supporting some small businesses. Once you're finished you can choose to buy a bottle of your favorite wine or beer to commemorate the night and to drink during a future date! 

Start a dance party - With modern BluTooth magic, this can be done literally anywhere. Our favorite place is in the middle of the park - I love seeing people's reactions. Bump some tunes and get your groove on! Sometimes it's fun just to be silly. It's a great way to perfect your signature moves for when you two are tearing up the dance floor at your aunt's 50th birthday party.

Go on a Walmart scavenger hunt - You can't swing a dead cat (a phrase I first heard from a college professor) without hitting a Walmart. Not only are these mega-stores everywhere, it feels like you can find practically anything imaginable in the isles. Each of you make a list of things that can be found in Walmart (or a similar store) - whether it be obscure items or situations! Head over to Walmart and while browsing the isles, see who can cross all the items off their list first. Winner gets to pick out a prize!

There are so many ways to spend time together other than the usual dinner and movie. Make date night something new, exciting - and budget friendly! 

What are your favorite date ideas that wont break the bank?

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